In Animal School House, the last animal was the donkey and he was at the top of the slide. Even though the team said please, his stubborness refused. They decided to find something that donkey likes and he'll come down. They sing about the ideas, though none of them worked. What does Donkey like?


And a apple's Would be great if he stacked of ape.

Donkey EAW!

What Does Donkey Like? a Banana Cream Pie take too high.

Donkey (Blows Banana Cream Pie)

What Does Donkey Like? One of these things on to get him down.

Donkey Turn's Around

What Does Donkey Like? A Ball big Around or this toy i found.

Donkey EAW!

What Does Donkey Like? Well this is Redonkulous is gonna be Something He likes. A brand new 6 feet electric Guitar, A 3 feet Suit, or a Candy Bar.

Donkey EAW!

How about a Diamond Shape Kite

Donkey (Blows Kite)

Mayble Singing is His Delight Bring Out The Karoke Here's the mic

Donkey Turn's Around

Well That didn't Work. All: What Does Donkey Like!!!!!!


  • Bot: There's only one thing that donkey likes. It's... Ice cream with a pickle and french fries?!
    • Milli: Ice cream with a pickle and french fries?! That's silly!
    • Bot: Blech!