Team Umizoomi sang this song in Umi Space Heroes episode, when Milli say that she loves'em and later that everybody loves the Moon, but this one she said with Geo. The music for this song was heard in a few parts of Umi Space Heroes.


Note:Italics means speaking or shouting. Normal means singing.

Team Umizoomi:

Singing love up in the sky

Singing down the cool moon light

You little spin like shining through

Wow little moon what about you


In outer spaaace

Team Umizoomi

Moon I love you


In outer sparkles

Team Umizoomi

Moon look out you


Shine and bright

Team Umizoomi

Mooon gonna get high



Team Umizoomi We love the Moon

Multiple Version

Team umizoomi sang this version, if they brings the Moon back home, where it belongs and if they sang You make us spin like shining through their space suits started shine


The Moon is back together!


And it looks like more beautiful than ever...


Now let's get this Moon back home where it belongs!

Team Umizoomi

We bring the Moon back up in the sky

Singing down it's all right now

You make us spin I'm shining through

Walk over Moon look out you

Oooooh Moon We love You

In outer Space

Moon look out You

Wooooh Moon We love You

Bot:Iiiii just gonna Howl! Howl with me!

Team Umizoomi Hoooooowlll!!!

We Love the Moon!