Team Umizoomi sang this song in Legend of The Blue Mermaid. Aboard their sailboat, they followed the trail of the Blue Mermaid's blue scales, so they can find her and rescue her from Squiddy.


Team Umizoomi: We're following the trail

The trail of blue scales

The scales that hail

From the Mermaid's tail

Milli: *giggles*

(music stops)

Bot: Count the blue scales with us!

Team Umizoomi: One, two, three...

Bot: Hey! *record scratch* That's a fish!

Geo: *laughs*

Team Umizoomi: Four, five!

Bot: Who-hoo-hoo!

(music resumes)

Team Umizoomi: As long as we stay on the trail

We surely cannot fail

The song we will a-wail

'Til we find every scale

(music stops)

Bot: Keep counting! Start with six!

Team Umizoomi: Six, seven, eight, nine... *record scratch*

Bot: Oh, that's a turtle.

Team Umizoomi: Ten!

Bot: Who-hoo!

(music resumes)

Team Umizoomi: We hoisting up the sail

We know we will prevail

We're following the scales

From the Mermaid's tail

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