Team Umizoomi, as we know, can do anything with their Mighty Math Powers. They have done many great things that make them superheroes. A small list of what they did. So far, they:

  • Saved "The Butterfly Dance Show"
  • Won "The Race Around Umi City"
  • Rescued The King of Numbers
  • Stopped the Shape Bandit from stealing all the shapes in Umi City
  • Saved Umi City from becoming Meatball City
  • Milli even rescued Geo and Bot

But in The Umi Grand Prix, their skills are put to the ultimate test.

One day, Shark Car and Umi Car decide to have a friendly one-on-one car race. But before Milli could say "GO!" The Shape Bandit, Dump Truck, The Trouble-Makers, and someone else, who I can't figure out, just join the race. This turns this race into the ultimate test: The Umi Grand Prix. How do you feel about this ultimate test? Post a comment below to tell how you feel. (But no bad comments please)

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