Hey, everyone! It has been a whole year since a poll was made on Stompasaurus. These are the results:

Question: Geo fed the big sharks their favorite snacks to lure them away long enough to get the Stomping Feet. If you were one of the big sharks,  which snack or snack combo would you like Geo to feed you?

Banana: 2 votes

Spaghetti: 4 votes

Hot Dog: 2 votes

Banana & Hot Dog: 1 votes

Hot Dog & Spaghetti: 2 votes

Spaghetti & Banana: 9 votes

All: 6 votes

None: 3 votes

The poll recieved a total of 29 votes with most people wanting Spaghetti and Bananas. The number of votes aren't what I was expecting. Please look everywhere on our Wikia to find polls, or go to the Category Poll Page to find more polls. Hope we'll see you around the Wikia!

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