Hello again, Umi-Friends. This poll update has a + in front. That means one of our polls has recieved 100 votes.

The poll with 100 votes is one of the 3 polls about Milli.

Here are the results:

(Poll created: 4:27 PM March 16, 2013)

What is your favorite thing about Milli?

  • Her dress: 47 votes
  • Her ponytails: 10 votes
  • She's the leader of the team: 12 votes
  • She's really sweet: 37 votes

It seems almost 50% of the voters find that Milli's dress is their favorite thing about her. We of the Team Umizoomi Wikia appreciate you all voting on all the polls on this Wikia. Remember, if you want to vote on polls, go to the category called: Poll Page, and click on a page to vote. We advise that you do not edit the polls; some of the poll creators took a lot of thought in these polls. Remember, you can add polls too.

See you on the next Poll Update! (It could be .4 or .2+)