I'm sure that most of you have seen Movie Madness. If you haven't, please do not read this. It will contain SPOILERS!

Welcome to the Movie Madness Movies Review. As you know, Team Umizoomi (and the Trouble Makers) all went into movies. I bet some of you are wondering, "Hey what's with that?" Or, "Why did this happen?" Me, GoldenLatias6, being a movie expert will tell everything you need to know to understand what's going on.

Let's start with the Airplane Movie. Ther are quite a few questions here. Why were they wearing those outfits and why were the planes all only fit three-maximum? Because it is an old movie. Back in old times, back when planes were being invented (made for the first time), they only had bi-planes. The pilots called them that because they had two wings. Also, bi-planes were used not to carry people everywhere; they were used to deliver the mail to town far away instead of walking or driving. It's strange, but true. Also, pilots had to dress to be ready in case of strong winds and coldness. Team Umizoomi had this gear on to be prepared. I bet you're wondering about Peanut Butter and Jelly Cannons. They didn't have either of those; it's just something the people came up with to make the story more funny. There's also something else. Back then, girls weren't allowed to fly in bi-planes, and Milli is a girl. (Sometimes, things are a little silly don't you know)

Now the personal favorite of mine, the Super Secret Spies Movie (which should have been the last movie). This movie is mostly an allusion to 007: James Bond. (a secret agent movie series) In spy movies, there are secret gadgets and vehicles that change all by themselves. The Shark Sub demostrates camoflage, which is important for secret agents in order to avoid being idenified or captured by bad guys. One secret agent always said "Always expect the unexpected." Apparently, Team Umizoomi forgot that. The bag of hot dogs was right in front of them. Do you think that Little Trouble would just let them waltz in and just let them get the hot dogs? Nope. It was all a trap. When Little Trouble left the room, let's just say that's a secret agent thing. The bad guy says something and leaves the room to leave the secret agent to their doom. (or something like that) That's all the references and just so you know, a bad guy in a real secret agent movie wouldn't leave the secret agents in cages slowly descending towards a pit of garbage. (The team called them "Traps" but the traps are really "Cages")

Thank you for reading this (if you are hopefully). I'll make a second blog on the rest of the reviews, so look forward to it.

If you still have any questions, or have an appropriate comment on any of the movie stuff, just leave a comment below.


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