Hello Umi-Friends! This December on the 10, we'll be starting "The Best Jam Contest." We want to know which Team Umizoomi song is the best jam. (Not Jam as in PB&J or traffic Jam) (A Jam is a song that is catchy and really popular)

How Does It Work?

First, on the front page, we'll post 4 polls for each of the 5 picked songs from each season. The deadline to vote is Febuary 14, 2014. (Valentine's Day/Just Because I Love You Day)

Next, the winning songs from each poll will be in one poll on Febuary 15,. The deadline to vote is April 20, 2014. (Easter)

Then, we will announce the Team Umizoomi Best Jam Winner on May 11, 2014. (Mother's Day)

Final Note: We need you, Umi-Friends. To find out the best jam, we need your opinion.

A few rules

  • You don't have to be a real Wikia user to vote, but you can't vote twice; that's dishonest.
  • No editing the polls, even if you think a different song is a hit.
  • If you love a Team Umizoomi song so much, place a comment below, and it might be considered, but you can only choose one; any other requests will be deleted.
  • This is the most important rule: Be Patient for results.

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