• GoldenLatias6

    Hello Umi-Friends! This December on the 10, we'll be starting "The Best Jam Contest." We want to know which Team Umizoomi song is the best jam. (Not Jam as in PB&J or traffic Jam) (A Jam is a song that is catchy and really popular)

    How Does It Work?

    First, on the front page, we'll post 4 polls for each of the 5 picked songs from each season. The deadline to vote is Febuary 14, 2014. (Valentine's Day/Just Because I Love You Day)

    Next, the winning songs from each poll will be in one poll on Febuary 15,. The deadline to vote is April 20, 2014. (Easter)

    Then, we will announce the Team Umizoomi Best Jam Winner on May 11, 2014. (Mother's Day)

    Final Note: We need you, Umi-Friends. To find out the best jam, we need your opinion.

    A few rules

    • You don't hav…
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  • GoldenLatias6

    Poll Update .1+

    November 30, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    Hello again, Umi-Friends. This poll update has a + in front. That means one of our polls has recieved 100 votes.

    The poll with 100 votes is one of the 3 polls about Milli.

    Here are the results:

    (Poll created: 4:27 PM March 16, 2013)

    What is your favorite thing about Milli?

    • Her dress: 47 votes
    • Her ponytails: 10 votes
    • She's the leader of the team: 12 votes
    • She's really sweet: 37 votes

    It seems almost 50% of the voters find that Milli's dress is their favorite thing about her. We of the Team Umizoomi Wikia appreciate you all voting on all the polls on this Wikia. Remember, if you want to vote on polls, go to the category called: Poll Page, and click on a page to vote. We advise that you do not edit the polls; some of the poll creators took a lot of th…

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  • GoldenLatias6

    I'm sure that most of you have seen Movie Madness. If you haven't, please do not read this. It will contain SPOILERS!

    Welcome to the Movie Madness Movies Review. As you know, Team Umizoomi (and the Trouble Makers) all went into movies. I bet some of you are wondering, "Hey what's with that?" Or, "Why did this happen?" Me, GoldenLatias6, being a movie expert will tell everything you need to know to understand what's going on.

    Let's start with the Airplane Movie. Ther are quite a few questions here. Why were they wearing those outfits and why were the planes all only fit three-maximum? Because it is an old movie. Back in old times, back when planes were being invented (made for the first time), they only had bi-planes. The pilots called them tha…

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  • GoldenLatias6

    Team Umizoomi, as we know, can do anything with their Mighty Math Powers. They have done many great things that make them superheroes. A small list of what they did. So far, they:

    • Saved "The Butterfly Dance Show"
    • Won "The Race Around Umi City"
    • Rescued The King of Numbers
    • Stopped the Shape Bandit from stealing all the shapes in Umi City
    • Saved Umi City from becoming Meatball City
    • Milli even rescued Geo and Bot

    But in The Umi Grand Prix, their skills are put to the ultimate test.

    One day, Shark Car and Umi Car decide to have a friendly one-on-one car race. But before Milli could say "GO!" The Shape Bandit, Dump Truck, The Trouble-Makers, and someone else, who I can't figure out, just join the race. This turns this race into the ultimate test: The Umi…

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  • GoldenLatias6

    Poll Update .2

    August 23, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    Hey, everyone! It has been a whole year since a poll was made on Stompasaurus. These are the results:

    Question: Geo fed the big sharks their favorite snacks to lure them away long enough to get the Stomping Feet. If you were one of the big sharks,  which snack or snack combo would you like Geo to feed you?

    Banana: 2 votes

    Spaghetti: 4 votes

    Hot Dog: 2 votes

    Banana & Hot Dog: 1 votes

    Hot Dog & Spaghetti: 2 votes

    Spaghetti & Banana: 9 votes

    All: 6 votes

    None: 3 votes

    The poll recieved a total of 29 votes with most people wanting Spaghetti and Bananas. The number of votes aren't what I was expecting. Please look everywhere on our Wikia to find polls, or go to the Category Poll Page to find more polls. Hope we'll see you around the Wikia!

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