I was researching then I found the backgrounds and prop designs for Team Umizoomi!untitled/zoom/cqwa/image1feg

Background #1: A futuristic hallway. This might take place in outer space where Team Umizoomi becomes space cadets (I'm looking foward to that episode!) or it may be the TroubleMakers' lair. UPDATE: The Futurisic Hallway is from "Team Umizoomi VS The Shape Bandit".

Background #2: An underwater base. It may be the aformentioned lair of the TroubleMakers. UPDATE: The Underwater Base is from "Movie Madness".

Background #3 & #4: A lighthouse and a beach. Once again it may be the "TroubleMaker's Lair" episode.

Background #5 & #6: A tree tunnel and the opening to a park. I can't connect the scenes to the episodes they're supposed to be in. UPDATE: The Tree Tunnel is from "Movie Madness".

Background #7 & Props #1: A Renaissance-esque village. This is probably from an episode where Team Umizoomi is either:

A) Sent back in time to the Medeival/Renaissance Age.

B) At a Medeival/Renaissance Fair.

It helps that the props fit in the setting of the episode.

Props #2: Ignoring all others, there is a remote control with a robot on it. It may be the Troublemakers' remote for controling the robots they have.

Number Butterfies: Were they supposed to appear in Journey to Numberland? Or are they appearing in upcoming sequel to the movie?

UPDATE: I found this video from Vimeo: [1] It may be from an episode where the Troublemakers try to stop team umizoomi once and for all!

UPDATE #2: Another Video form Vimeo: [2]

UPDATE #3: Here a blog with some never-before-seen designs: [3]

So there's my theory for the upcoming Team Umizoomi episodes. If you find anything else that may futher contribute to this topic or if you can back me up on my theories, please comment here.

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