In edits, you mustn't post that is inrelevent for our topic.

Even you hate but it's true and not rude content, do not remove or delete contents. Otherwise, you will be blocked with the reason:Removing content from pages.

Don't post fan made characters or episodes. Just like Rio wiki, Team Umizoomi wiki don't allow that too.

If you are talking in Talk page, chat or Message wall, do not tell lies or mean words or spam, and also sexual contents.

NO sexual content on this wiki:I haven't found someone is blocked by the reason inserting sexual content onto Team Umizoomi wiki, but since I have found on Rio wiki, I'm also give new warning and rule for Team Umizoomi wiki users. Happy that it didn't happened yet, but the bad user can come and post the sexual content. If so, report to an admin and ban her/him from Team Umizoomi wiki. If she/he done again multiple times and you found and clued out that, you can report her/him to do global block. Global block is losing permission in all wikias. For example, you got caught in global block in Rio wiki, but if you trying to edit in Team Umizoomi wiki, it will also get forbidden from Team Umizoomi wiki. That means entire wikia network.

Do not edit other user profile page without his permission:I didn't know that rules and I was caught local block in Rio wiki, and I noticed that I shouldn't do that so I am not doing anymore. The blocker told that that's admins job to do. So I'm not trying to do in Team Umizoomi wiki too.

This is the important rules, so please do not say it's a spam.

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