Bot as Rudy the Cockatoo (Tritagonists)

Geo as Muffin the Lovebird (Deuteragonists)

Milli as Samuel the Lovebird (Protagonists)

I think 3rd & Bird and Team Umizoomi are for kids, but I think they are bit connected with the Wonder Pets.

Milli is a counterpart from Samuel lovebird.

They have opposite gender younger sibling and their best friends. For Samuel, Muffin is his younger sister and Rudy is his best friend. For Milli, Geo is her younger brother and Bot is her best friend.

They are both protagonists from the show.

They have both confirmed age. Samuel is 5 years old, Milli is 6 years old.

Bot shares some features from Rudy.

They are both tritagonists from the show.

They are best friend and opposite gender of the protagonists. Samuel and Rudy, Milli and Bot.

They are same gender as deuteragonests. Muffin and Rudy, Geo and Bot.

They are different species from Deutertagonists and protagonists. Muffin and Samuel are lovebirds, while Rudy is a cockatoo. And for Team Umizoomi, Geo and Milli are dwarf (I'm not sure) while Bot is a robot.

Geo shares some features from Muffin lovebird.

Both of them are deuteragonists from the show.

They have opposite gender older sibling and same gender to tritagonists.

Muffin and Samuel=Geo and Milli, Muffin and Rudy=Geo and Bot.

They are once in trouble and the older sibling saved them.

For Muffin has been saved by Samuel in Beach Branch, while Geo has been saved by Milli in Milli saves the day.

They all have good friends. Eliot the worm is the friend of Samuel, Muffin and Rudy, while DoorMouse is the friend of Milli (counterpart for Samuel), Geo (counterpart for Muffin), and Bot (counterpart for Rudy).