I'll give you a tip to be the first rank.

Firstly, you'll have to contribute the wiki every day.

That counter will reset what if you miss a day.

So if you contribute to the wiki every day, the key will increse to get the award.

Secondly, you have to be honest and polite.

If you're being dishonest and rude, an admin or the founder can block you.

Next, you have to be a hardworker.

If you are disgracing Team Umizoomi and you are just greedy with the awards, you can be blocked and the time will be delayed.

Also you have to obey those rules. Otherwize, you'll be blocked.

Lastly, You can add more pictures to get the award.

The pictures has to related with the Team Umizoomi.

For example, you must not upload photo as about Dragon Village by Highbrow or Disney Junior.

You can go to the Dragon Village by Highbrow wiki or Disney Junior wiki, etc to upload these.

If you promise that you want to tell your dislikes and likes about other topic, not Team Umizoomi, you can tell or upload on your user page and promise to not to do in the articles. For example, you put 3rd & Bird characters or Rio characters, and also about Angry Birds and Dragon Village pictures, you can upload and put on your user page or set as your avater, but you mustn't post on the articles. Otherwise an admin or founder can block you.

If you evade the ban in the chat, you will be blocked to edit too, so don't try to evade the ban in the chat.

Lastly, do not edit the other user profile page. When I didn't know that on Rio wiki, so I caught block on Rio wiki, so please do not do it also here. Or ask a permission to an admin or the founder, chat mod, etc.

In your blog post, or fanon wiki, do not post rude and disgrace the others.

If you all obey and follow these rules, I'm sure you'll be happy and get the Rank 1 for the wiki.

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