Bella kim

Bureaucrat Judge of the numberland
  • I live in Second floor on a three story building in Korea.
  • My occupation is Passionate sauropsid fan especially birds.
  • I am Passion of the honest and dislike dishonesty.
  • Bella kim

    Year of a Rooster.

    January 1, 2017 by Bella kim

    Happy new year! This year is the year of a rooster, the only bird in the chinese zodiac. This year 2017 is the red rooster. I think Milli was born on Year of a Rooster so it's going to celebrate!

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  • Bella kim

    In edits, you mustn't post that is inrelevent for our topic.

    Even you hate but it's true and not rude content, do not remove or delete contents. Otherwise, you will be blocked with the reason:Removing content from pages.

    Don't post fan made characters or episodes. Just like Rio wiki, Team Umizoomi wiki don't allow that too.

    If you are talking in Talk page, chat or Message wall, do not tell lies or mean words or spam, and also sexual contents.

    NO sexual content on this wiki:I haven't found someone is blocked by the reason inserting sexual content onto Team Umizoomi wiki, but since I have found on Rio wiki, I'm also give new warning and rule for Team Umizoomi wiki users. Happy that it didn't happened yet, but the bad user can come and post the s…

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  • Bella kim

    Bot as Rudy the Cockatoo (Tritagonists)

    Geo as Muffin the Lovebird (Deuteragonists)

    Milli as Samuel the Lovebird (Protagonists)

    I think 3rd & Bird and Team Umizoomi are for kids, but I think they are bit connected with the Wonder Pets.

    Milli is a counterpart from Samuel lovebird.

    They have opposite gender younger sibling and their best friends. For Samuel, Muffin is his younger sister and Rudy is his best friend. For Milli, Geo is her younger brother and Bot is her best friend.

    They are both protagonists from the show.

    They have both confirmed age. Samuel is 5 years old, Milli is 6 years old.

    Bot shares some features from Rudy.

    They are both tritagonists from the show.

    They are best friend and opposite gender of the protagonists. Samuel and Rudy, Mi…

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  • Bella kim

    Report Vandalism

    April 17, 2014 by Bella kim

    If you found the vandalism or anything disgraces Team Umizoomi, report here. Admins, ChameleonCove and GoldenLatias6, or the founder, Iphoneorange can block her/him.

    If you see someone who destroying and damaging this wiki, go to Team Umizoomi Wiki:Report Vandalism.

    Little Miss cute, GoldenLatias6 and Iponeorange, you three have admin powers, if you found out that the wiki is damaged, you should revert edit or undo her/his edit and make a recovery to this wiki.

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  • Bella kim

    How to be Rank 1

    April 5, 2014 by Bella kim

    I'll give you a tip to be the first rank.

    Firstly, you'll have to contribute the wiki every day.

    That counter will reset what if you miss a day.

    So if you contribute to the wiki every day, the key will increse to get the award.

    Secondly, you have to be honest and polite.

    If you're being dishonest and rude, an admin or the founder can block you.

    Next, you have to be a hardworker.

    If you are disgracing Team Umizoomi and you are just greedy with the awards, you can be blocked and the time will be delayed.

    Also you have to obey those rules. Otherwize, you'll be blocked.

    Lastly, You can add more pictures to get the award.

    The pictures has to related with the Team Umizoomi.

    For example, you must not upload photo as about Dragon Village by Highbrow or Disne…

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