Team Umizoomi takes off on an outer space mission in this one-hour special! When The TroubleMakers break the moon into four pieces, Milli, Geo and Bot blast off in Umi SpaceShip on an intergalactic adventure.


 Intro: The Umi City's Full Moon Night

Tonigh is in Umi City magical Full Moon Night. Everyone in Umi City has come to see'em. The team is up onto their HeadQuarters including UmiCar, from up there they had a magnificient wiew, while the people were below. They can't wait for this magical event. Pretty soon the moon's gonna rise up into the sky. After his rise Milli gasps, 'cause the Full Moon got her. Then the team sang the song(see Song).

Blast off to the rescue

Milli's Tuktuk Mission 

Milli uses her Measuring Power to find something that´s 8 units long so she can go pass them and get the moon piece

Meteor Blast

Geo's Junkion Mission

Geo uses his Shape Magnet to scale up to the top of the junk´s pile where the Moon Piece landed. It uses a triangle.

Bot's Europktoh Mission

Bot needs the help to find the path that keeps going to the bottom of the volcano. And fast!

The last Moon Piece in Outer Space

Chasing flight Umi Space Ship VS. Trouble Truck

Chasing flight Umi Space Ship VS.TroubleShips

There was eight Trouble Ships to chase Team Umizoomi, but Umi Space Ship has an invention stored in his chassis called Freeze Ray. He can use it to stop those TroubleShips.


Team Umizoomi/Umi Space Heroes

The TroubleMakers

The TukTuk alliens


  • Outer Space
  • Planet Tuk Tuk
  • Planet Junkion
  • Planet Europto
  • The Troublemakers Space Station


We Love the Moon

Troublemakers Theme Song


Math Skills

  • Shape Indentification
Shape Matching
  • Observation skills
  • Patterns
    • Number Patterns
  • Measurement
  • Using Clues
  • Counting
  1. Counting Forwards
  2. Substraction

Special Skills

  • Using Your Knowledge

Word skills

  • Moon
  • Outer Space


Milli: Troubleships! Bot: YOINKS-A-DOINKS!!!! They've got lasers! Bot: Kinda put these guys on ice Milli: WOCHOO!! We've got them all!!! Geo: Way to go, team!


This is the final apperance of the Troublemakers due to series cancellation.

Also this episode is one of them, where the team splits up and Milli finds the first Moon Piece. then Geo, then Bot and then all of them together

This is one of episodes where Geo uses his Shape Magnet, this time it uses a triangle.

Also this episode is a Double episode thanks to which it´s the best episode ever.

This is the best space Team Umizoomi episode.


Team Umizoomi - Umi Space Heroes Cartoon for Children 201748:24

Team Umizoomi - Umi Space Heroes Cartoon for Children 2017

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