UmiCar is the loveable car of Team Umizoomi.

Physical Apperance

UmiCar is an orange and yellow car. Season One mostly shows him faceless (from in the earliest episodes to The Milk Out) and is only shown as a mode of transportaion and then disappears for the rest of the episode. As of The Dinosaur Museum Mishap, He is given a face.


UmiCar is an orange futuristic car with a glass cover as a door. As of the first episode of the first season, no face is on him, but in the middle of the first season, he has a face. The magical word "Umizoomi" is used to make him zoom. In season 1, he has a 2.5 liter Diesel engine similar to a Volvo S60 2.5d. He also has a one-speed continously variable transmission. In Season 2, he has a face and a vrooming sound. His seatbelts are black and gray.


Sometimes, Geo or (Milli) transforms UmiCar into other vehicles that are need to get tasks done. This is the list for all of the transformation and what episodes they were in.


  • UmiCar is alive in most episodes.
  • In Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4, UmiCar has a more prominent role.
  • The episode UmiCar's Birthday Present made UmiCar the first member of Team Umizoomi to have a birthday.
  • The episode The Great UmiCar Rescue made UmiCar the first member of Team Umizoomi to be in trouble.
  • The episode Purple Monkey Mission made UmiCar the first member of Team Umizoomi to wear a disguise.
  • The episode Sleeping UmiCar made UmiCar the second member of Team Umizoomi to fall asleep on the job, the first one being Bot.
  • UmiCar is counterpart to Whirly Bird from Special Agent Oso.
    • Both are Males.
    • Both are vehicles that the team is driving, also has ablity to talk.


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Head to UmiCar/Gallery.

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