When the farmer gets sick, there's no one left to make the milk deliveries. No one, except Team Umizoomi.


Intro: Hungry Geo

The Milk Out

Farmers for the Day

Cow Milking

Milk Flavors

Milk Delivery

The Milk In




  • This episode marks the first time one of Team Umizoomi's stomaches growling.
  • Milli reveals that she has night time pattern of moons and stars that is wears on her dress at night.
  • In the "How does it work?," the team learns about how milk deliveries are filled out.
  • This is the last episode that UmiCar without having a face. After that UmiCar will obtain the face.
  • This is the second time Milli taking her ponytail. first being The Aquarium Fix-It.
  • This is the one of the episode that Team Umizoomi went to a farm to solve the mission.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Idenification by Clues
  • Shape Idenification/Matching
  • Patterns
  • Colour Idenification

World Skills

  • Breakfast
  • Milk Deliveries
  • Farm



  • Geo: *stomach growls* Come on Milli, I'm hungry!


The Milk Out/Gallery

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