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Team Umizoomi is a tiny team of superheroes. They are the protagonists of the show Team Umizoomi.



  • Milli: The primary protagonist. She's the sweet and brave leader of the group. She's the strongest member in the group. She is the counterpart to Samuel lovebird in 3rd & Bird.
  • Geo: The deuteragonist. He's Milli's younger brother and the fast go-getter of the team. He's the fastest member. He is the counterpart to Muffin lovebird in 3rd & Bird.
  • Bot: The tritagonist. He's the silly but smart robot of the group. He's the smartest member. He is the counterpart to Rudy in 3rd & Bird.
  • UmiCar: He's the small but fast car that the team loves and cares for. He's the most reliable member. He is simmilar to Baby Jordan.
  • Umi-Friend : That's you! You help the team with your helping Mighty Math Powers.

Team Umizoomi maybe they are tiny, but with their Mighty Math Powers, they can do anything!


Team Umizoomi's story is a big mystery. We do not know about the rest of Milli and Geo's family, where and how they came from, and how they met Bot.


Team Umizoomi has a lot of their own skills. While Umi-Friend helps Team Umizoomi save the day, they learn special skills that they can do to be super heroes like them.

Math Skills

The team's each member has their own individual Mighty Math Powers. They can use them to save the day, and Umi-Friend can use the math skills at school. Recently in Season 4, Team Umizoomi teaches a great Math Skill: Diameters, which is a skill that students learn while in 3rd form.

Special Skills

In some episodes, there are really unique skills that are only found in that specific episodes. We call them "Special Skills." (e.g. Buster the Lost Dog teaches Sign Identification)

World Skills

The "World Skills" are skills that involve the world around. It teaches about places, how things work, and a few things that are a bit made up.

Super Skills

There's a little secret to why Team Umizoomi can do anything with their Mighty Math Powers. They have something else that no one else has: "Super Skills." Super Skills are the social and emotional skills that can be found in some episodes. These skills are what make up real super heroes everyday.


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