Squiddy is the primary antagonist of the first Team Umizoomi special The Legend of the Blue Mermaid and reappears in Season 4.

Episode Appearance


Squiddy is an orange squid with green glasses, a yellow bowtie, and two yellow buttons.


Squiddy is afraid of the dark, so he trapped the Blue Mermaid for light. He didn't want Team Umizoomi to free The Blue Mermaid, so he placed traps to lock her in the cage.


  • (singing) Bup-Be-Ah-Bah-Bah-Bah!
  • And I booby trapped every shape on this island!...(to himself) Except for the triangles. I still haven't figure out how to booby trap the triangles...


  • Squiddy is one of the only main antagonists in a special not to sing (asides from his fake fanfare). Dump Truck is the only other one not to sing.
  • Despite his name, he has eight tentacles, making him an octopus.


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