Penguins have appear in a few Team Umizoomi Episodes.

Umi City Penguins

Wild Penguins

Cool Penguin

He appeared in A Sledding Snow Day. He gave the team directions to the ice bridge and was later seen sliding on his tummy down the slope telling them "Stay cool!"

Zoo Penguins

Snowbound Penguins

These penguinslive at the zoo in an exhibit full of snowbound hills. They were only seen in Purple Monkey Mission.

The 50 Baby Penguins 

50 adorable penguins that the team had to help in City of Lost Penguins. The TroubleMakers sent them all over Umi City and caused them to get lost all over Umi City. Team Umizoomi soon found all of the penguins, and  UmiCar carried them in an ice cube wagon with 50 slots in rows of 5. They were soon happily back in their zoo home and let Team Umizoomi play with them in the home where they belong. 

Pet Penguins

Chilled Penguin

He was only seen in The Kitty Rescue during the We Love Our Pets Song.

Wild Pengins

Iceberg Bay Penguins

Baby Penguin

He was seen in The Great UmiCar Rescue when he got his foot stuck in an iceberg. UmiCar then came to the rescue and pulled him out of the ice. The penguin then hugged his mother.

Mother Penguin

The mother of the baby penguin that UmiCar rescued at the beginning of The Great UmiCar Rescue. The baby penguin after being rescued ran over to her and gave her a big hug,