Little Joe is a young giant panda.


Little Joe lives in the Panda House with his parents. He can't talk and mostly says things like "A ba ba!" and "Eep! Eep!" He accidentally got himself lost from the Panda House and was reported missing by the 2468 News. Team Umizoomi manage to find him before he crossed the street with a red light and that is really dangerous. The team then waited for the red light to turn green, which meant that it was safe to cross. They decided to help him get  back home. Along the way, Little Joe learned what you can eat, what you can't eat, what you can drink, what you can't drink, and that it's great to have good friends that care about you, even if they're tiny.

At the end, Little Joe was reunited with his relieved parents and spoke his first real word "Umizoomi!"



Little Joe has a mother and a father. His mother wears a flower on her head and his father wears a brown fedora.



  • "Eep eep!"
  • "A ba ba!"
  • "Umizoomi!"


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