The team helps out David so he can earn enough money to buy a super-red-racing bike. In order to do so, they need to split up and do separate jobs all over Umi City.


Intro: Allowance

The episode starts as Team Umizoomi helps David to make his bed. As he gets done with his chores done in the house, he earns Umi-Dollars as a reward. His wish is a red racer bike, which has a price tag of 52 Umi Dollars.

The Team Spilts Up (For a While)

Milli, Geo, and Bot all split up to perform specific jobs, in three different places.

Bot's Traffic Rush

Bot bumps his head into a tire, which is a part of a taxi. The passengers plan to take a cab to Umi City Park to catch a baseball game. Along the way, the rush hour comes. When Bot notices a rush hour using his Robo Radar, he has to find the correct lane to avoid the rush hour traffic jam, a bale of pumpkins, and rows of garbage trucks.

Milli's Sandwich Chop

Milli gets a job at a sandwich shop to make money on selling sandwiches. First, she uses Pattern Power to build a tasty Pattern sandwich using lettuce, tomato, pickle, and cheese (from bottom to top). Then she used karate powers to slice the sandwiches. And it is off to the sales at two UmiDollars each.

Geo's Newspaper Deliveries

Geo gets a job as a newspaper boy as he throws newspapers at different shaped-floors at an apartment building. Then the residents give Geo money as a tip.

Lion Snacks

Team finds a job to feed the hungry animals at the zoo to earn money. Milli fed Pattern Sandwiches to the four hungry lions evenly to earn ten extra Umi-Dollars.

Bike Ride

After David earns enough money, he is able to ride the red racer bike, at last!




  • Milli is revealed to have some karate skills, shown by the way she chopped up a sandwich.
  • This is the first episode where Milli, Geo, and Bot split up and do things separately


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Number Idenification
  • Patterns
  • Shape Idenification
  • Fractions
  • Counting
  • Addition & Subtraction

World Skills

  • Allowances
  • Doing Jobs/Chores
  • Saving Money





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