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This the first of the short commercial episodes that promotes Team Umizoomi. Featuring supermodel Heidi Klum, Milli helps Heidi with a high heel measure problem.
Heidi Klum - Umizoomi HD00:45

Heidi Klum - Umizoomi HD


(Heidi in a fabulous outfit walks out of her limosine and onto a red carpet with photographers taking pictures on the sides)

(The photographers are calling out to her)

Photographers: Heidi! Heidi!

(Heidi(looks down to see that one of high heels is shorter than the other)

Heidi: Oh, dear.

Umi Car: *toots*

(He drives up and Team Umizoomi hops on top of a pole)

Heidi: Team Umizoomi?

Milli: Love the look, Heidi, but those heels just don't measure up.

Heidi: Tell me about it. Can you help? 

Bot: We're on it!

(Milli hops off the pole down to Heidi's high heels)

Milli: Milli Measure!

(Her ponytails grow to show the high heels' lengths)

Do you want to go for 5 inches or 2?

Heidi: Do you really need to ask?

Milli: Got it!

(She makes the 2 inch heel 5 inches)

You're all set!

Heidi: Thanks, Milli!

(Heidi turns around and shows off her oufit)

How do I look?

Milli: Umirific!

Male Announcer: Nickeloden's Team Umizoomi, making math fabulous for your preschooler everyday!

Female Fan: Heidi, who are you wearing?

(Heidi turns around to show Team Umizoomi sitting on her left shoulder and waving)

Heidi: Team Umizoomi!


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