Geo is Milli's younger brother, and also the deuteragonist of Team Umizoomi, voiced by Ethan Kempner from Seasons 1-3, Juan Mirt in Season 4 and Joanna Ruiz from all seasons in the UK dub.

Physical Appearance

Geo has blue hair. He usually wears a blue shirt, blue pants, blue/orange skates, and a blue helmet. He wears an orange square belt known as the Shape Belt with a triangle, square and circle (in his belt order) on each side of the belt. His dimple smile is hard to miss.

In Movie Madness!, he is wearing black sunglasses, when the team was in the spy movie.


  • Super Shapes: The main power of Geo. It often consists building items out of shapes.
  • Shape Spliter: A sword that could split any shapes in half to build the item. This power was introduced in "DoorMouse in Space", and was also used in "The Kitty Rescue" and "Animal School House."
  • Shape Magnet: A power introduced in the Season 3 episode "Rainy Day Rescue". Also used in other episodes such as "The Umi City Treasure Hunt" and "City of Lost Penguins". Geo holds a magnet which can attach to or attract any kind of shape.
  • Antennae: The antennae on Geo's helmet are not just for decoration. He uses them to make blue prints. He slightly tilts his head to the right and the antennae make blue prints to look like whatever he wants it to look like. In Team Umizoomi VS. The Shape Bandit, he made blue prints that were made up of objects he found around the area. In "Movie Madness!", while in the spy movie, he used the sunglasses he was wearing to make a blue print of a shark submarine.



Geo tends to shows his feelings more than the other members of the team, and he's also a bit sensitive. Aside from that, he has a very sparky personality and a "GO!GO!GO!" approach to life. Since he has so much ambition in him, Geo never gives up until the end and always tries his best. He also has a bit of a prankster side revealed in "Doctor Bot" when he hid a toy chicken on himself to trick Bot when he was checking his heartbeat. He is also the fastest member of the team.

Personal Life

You can never find Geo not wearing his Super Skates. He skates everywhere he goes. In The Aquarium Fix-It, he is revealed to have a pet sea horse named Finn. In Cuckoo Bears, it is revealed that Geo has some experience in playing the bass. His favourite food is pepperoni pizza.


All we know is is that Geo was born after Milli. It is unknown whether he or someone else created the Shape Belt.


  • Geo's name is a prefix meaning Earth. It's also related to Geometry, which refers to shapes.
  • In "Team Umizoomi VS. The Shape Bandit" even without his shape belt, he still has his powers and make anything with shapes found in his surrounding.
  • Geo has been known to express his emotions more than the other members of Team Umizoomi. He has an excited scream,  an angry face, and his ambitious face.
  • In certain episodes, Geo shows negative feelings against DoorMouse. We currently don't know why he does.
  • Geo is a counterpart to Muffin Lovebird from 3rd & Bird.
    • They are both deuteragonists in the series.
    • They have both have older sibling that is opposite gender that is the protagonist in the series. Samuel to Muffin, Milli to Geo.
    • They are once in trouble and their older sibling (Protagonist) saved them. Muffin was in trouble in the episode Beach Branch, and Geo was in Milli Saves The Day.
    • Both have been known to express her/his emotions more than her/his team members.


  • "Awesome!"
  • "Umi-zoomi!"
  • "Super Shapes!"
  • "Hold on to your helmets!"
  • "Who-hoo-hoo!"
  • "We got you, buddy!" (often directly to Bot)
  • "Sea-horse power!" (from "The Aquarium Fix-It")
  • "We're free!" (from Movie Madness! and Umi Ninjas)


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