There are some dragons Team Umizoomi met, mostly in Season 3.

Season 2 Dragons

The Girl Dragon

For more information about The Girl Dragon. click here.

The Toy Dragon

He was seen in Umi Toy Store, where he blocked Sir Geo's path in The Knights in Shining Armor Boardgame. He would move unless Geo could get his favorite snack, which was the pepperoni pizza.

Season 3 Dragons

These dragons come from Let's Play Math Dragons!

The Math Dragons

They are 3 young math dragons, one female and two males. The female is a Shape Dragon and the males are a Pattern Dragon and a Number Dragon. They hatched from their eggs.

The Chomping Dragons

They chomp a lot mostly to show what shape they want to eat. The number of times they chomp indicates the number of sides of the shape they want to eat.

The Flying Dragons

There are two different kinds: Up and Down Dragons. The Up Dragons are different from the Down Dragons.

The Big Dragon

Out of all the dragons, he is the biggest and strongest. He's got big feet that can stomp anything flat and a strong tail that can smash anything. He also has a saddle on his back that looks similarly like Yoshi from the Super Mario Series.

The Stinky Dragon

The antagonist dragon. His name says it all because he is really stinky.  Team Umizoomi encountered him in the passageways to all 3 levels. Everytime they get away from him and shut the exit door, he says "That Stinks!" and then walks away unhappily.


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