While fetching his cheese wheel, DoorMouse accidently traps himself in a rocket ship, which is launched into space and is on a crash collision on the planet Mars. Now Team Umizoomi has to rescue their friend and bring him back to the Earth.


Intro: Umi City Space Center

Cheesey Take-Off

Blast-off to the Rescue

Meteor Blast

Planet of Aliens

Shooting Stars

Out of This World News



  • Geo reveals and uses his Shape Spliter, which can split any shape in half, for the first time.
  • In one point of this episode, Geo shows his teeth for a moment.
  • When DoorMouse says "You guys really are superheroes!", he never thought they were superheroes.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Counting
  • Shape Identification
  • Measuring
  • Patterns
  • Using Clues

Out of this World Skills

  • Outer Space



  • Bot: (imitates a speaker) Houston, we have a robot!
    • Milli and Geo: *laugh*
    • Milli: Silly Bot.

  • PA voice: *alarm blares* Warning! Warning! Danger up ahead!

  • DoorMouse: Thanks, Team Umizoomi! You really are super heroes!


DoorMouse in Space/Gallery

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