Team Umizoomi must find Ellen's lost star tokens, so she can take a ride on the rocket ship.


Intro: The Children's Museum

The episode starts when Team Umizoomi take a ride on a hot air balloon for a tour of the museum. The museum is where people see many different exhibits including dinosaur and outer space ones.

Space Center

Suddenly, they bumped into Ellen in the space exhibit. Ellen wants to go on the space ride which costs three star tokens.

Coin Eruption

Suddenly, the space volcanos rumble all over the volcano exhibit, leading to the star tokens rolling away.

Bot's Ski Race

Bot has to take many ski trails down the Alps with the highest (or greatest) number possible in order to retrieve one of the star tokens. For example: six is higher (or greater) than two.

Milli Decodes Hieroglyphics

At least one symbolic picture on the door seem out of order. But Milli uses Pattern Power to decode the hieroglyphic pattern on the door to open some or even all of the locked door.

Geo's Wild West Horse Ride

Geo has to build a horse fast and travel across Wild Wild West in order to retrieve the star token, else, it may fall off the cliff.

Blast Off!

Now that the tokens are found, the big moment has come, the rocket ship ride.



  • Bot is revealed to have Robo-Skis on his feet.
  • The space ride is similar to Disneyland's Space Mountain and Star Tours.


Math Skills

  • Obervation Skills
  • Counting
  • Number Identification
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification

World Skills

  • The Museum
  • Skiing
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Old West


  • Bot: Ha, that wasn't so hard.
    • (Rumbling sounds are heard)
    • Hm, sounds like there's something behind me. What is it? Oh, a giant snowball. A GIANT SNOWBALL!?