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Team Umizoomi must find the Cuckoo Bear's gears before their next show.


Intro: The Cuckoo Bears

Lost Gear = Lost Power

The wheels inside their hearts are just blown away and the Cuckoo Bears cannot function without them.

Train Food

The train must munch a correct shape to make it go faster.

A Squirrel's Gone Nuts

The squirrel thought the gear wheel is an acorn but it is not. The team must retrieve the gear wheel before it is eaten.

Bot's Scooter Pursuit

Team Umizoomi Joins the Show

The Team and the Cuckoo Bears are all joined in together for the show!




  • It is revealed that Geo has experience in playing the bass and Bot has experience in Tap-dancing.


Math Skills

  • Shape Idenification
  • Patterns
  • Observation Skills
  • Number Idenification
  • Number Value
  • Reading Clock Faces

World Skills

  • Subway trains
  • Gears





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