The team helps their friend Ryan earn a sufficient amount of arcade tickets to win a High-Flyer-Helicopter by playing various carnival games at the boardwalk.


Intro: The Boardwalk

The boardwalk typically has carnival games near the ocean.

What to Do with Tickets

Like a typical arcade anywhere, the tickets won from games are used to redeem for prizes.

Whack A Fruit

Bot can only whack fruits using a mallet. If the object is not a fruit, the game ends unsuccessfully.

Spin a Horse Race

Milli takes a spin on the pony (a number represents the number of spaces moved). Her goal is to make it across the finish line before Doormouse does.

Video Games

Geo encounters the Shape Blaster game where the objective is to blast through a special kind of shape. A wrong shape ends the game.

Pattern Pinball

Bot has to hit the correct bumper colour patterns to win the game.

Conclusion: Helicopter Ride

Since Ryan has enough tickets at the carnival, the helicopter is claimed successfully.




  • DoorMouse is wearing his outfit from Shooting Star, except this time the hat is yellow.
  • This is the second time DoorMouse interacts with the home audience, the first being Ellee the Elephant.
  • The plot line for this episode is similar to Umi Space Heroes and a Job Well Done since the team splits up and first Bot finds something, then Milli, then Geo, and then all of them together. Except this time they win tickets instead of UmiDollars.
  • This episode's "How Does It Work?" song sounds very different from all the others since Bot sings it alone.
  • When DoorMouse is seen at the beginning and the end of the horse game, his hat is orange, but during the game, his hat is yellow.
  • This is also the first episode where Bot turns himself into a ball.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Number Identification
  • Counting
  • Shape Classification
  • Patterns
  • Number Values
  • Color Recognition
  • Addition & Subtraction

World Skills

  • Carnival Games
  • Video Games
  • Redemption Tickets



  • Bot: (looks at himself in a crazy mirror) Ohh. This mirror makes me look wavy. (looks in another one) Lanky Laptops! This mirror makes me look super tall and skinny.