• Smallcute

    Joining the wiki

    April 23, 2017 by Smallcute

    I will like to join this wiki.

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  • Bella kim

    Year of a Rooster.

    January 1, 2017 by Bella kim

    Happy new year! This year is the year of a rooster, the only bird in the chinese zodiac. This year 2017 is the red rooster. I think Milli was born on Year of a Rooster so it's going to celebrate!

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  • HoneyVladimir35

    Heidi's High Heels

    December 2, 2016 by HoneyVladimir35

    (The photographers are calling out to her)

    Photographers: Heidi! Heidi!

    (Heidi(looks down to see that one of high heels is shorter than the other)

    Heidi: Oh, dear.

    Umi Car: *honks*

    (He drives up and Team Umizoomi hops on top of a pole)

    Heidi: Team Umizoomi?

    Milli: Love the look, Heidi, but those heels just don't measure up

    . Heidi: Tell me about it. Can you help?

    Bot: We're on it! (Milli hops off the pole down to Heidi's high heels)

    Milli: Milli Measure! (

    Her ponytails grow to show the high heels' lengths)

    Do you want to go for 5 inches or 2?

    Heidi: Do you really need to ask?

    Milli: Got it

    ! (She makes the 2 inch heel 5 inches

    ) You're all set!

    Heidi: Thanks, Milli!

    (Heidi turns around and shows off her oufit)

    How do I look?

    Milli: Umirific!

    Male Announcer: N…

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  • HoneyVladimir35

    Team Umizoomi

    October 12, 2016 by HoneyVladimir35

    Umi City is the main and centre location of the "Team Umizoomi" show. Contents[hide]

    About Location Currency Population Climate Recreation Locations within Umi City Umi Toy Store Umi City Aquarium Umi City Zoo Sports Gallery

    AboutEditovat LocationEditovat

    The actual location of Umi City remains anonymous. But it is known it is on X Planet. CurrencyEditovat

    The currency is Umi-Dollars and Umi-Cents. PopulationEditovat

    Like the United States, It inhabits many people of different colors, shapes, and sizes, including Team Umizoomi.

    Here is the Historic Population: Historic Population (1790-2014) Year  Population 1790  69,697 1800  78,192 1810  94,877 1820  102,567 1830  113,654 1840  1…

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  • ChameleonCove

    The Blacklist

    June 10, 2016 by ChameleonCove

    This blacklist will account for people who will never be allowed to set foot on the Team Umizoomi Wiki ever again.

    • Firealarmgirl97/Gobyisbestguppy
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  • Firealarmgirl97


    January 28, 2016 by Firealarmgirl97

    I started being into Bot when I was 8 years old! I like him! 

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  • MakingMusic

    Please Join the Hi-5 Wiki

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  • Gobyisbestguppy

    Some one is editing episodes like the Let's play math dragons. I edited it back so it's right this time if you catch this user editing stuff please report them they cannot do that. 

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  • Miyachan-san

    What is your favorite tv show? Mine are: Tamagotchi Aikatsu PriPara Team Umizoomi Precure And more!

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos

    What's your favorite book?

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  • Gobyisbestguppy

    Bot does math and extends his legs and arms

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  • Gobyisbestguppy

    Geo does Shapes and skating

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  • Gobyisbestguppy

    My fav shows

    June 28, 2014 by Gobyisbestguppy

    I like Team Umizoomi my fav charcter is Bot and I also like Bubble guppies my fav charcters are Goby Nonny and Deema

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  • DeboraGuppysFan2014

    I start in 2012 in September because i see in Portuguese in 11:00pm i think so and i'm dancing the show the song umishake and the episode are the season 1 episode 1, i like bubble guppies too because the bubble guppies is the first wiki i created, my fav guppy is molly, gil, deema and oona. and my fav umizoomi is Milli, i like the draws from the dress from milli :) 

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  • ChameleonCove

    In the iTunes description, it said that Team Umizoomi will become space crusaders. I am looking foward to that episode! But I don't know how the episode will go. This is my idea on how the episode will go:

    Team Umizoomi learns about the Space Crusaders. The Space Crusaders are special astronauts who defend the galaxy. They save every planet that's in trouble, defeat space villians who wish to do harm and mischief, and help any aliens along the way. One day, the Space Crusaders were captured by the Troublemakers. It's up to Team Umizoomi to save them. To do that, Milli, Geo, and Bot becomes The Umi Space Crusaders! They must face large space debris, giant robots, and even aliens gone rouge to save the space crusaders.

    So that's my short summa…

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  • Bella kim

    In edits, you mustn't post that is inrelevent for our topic.

    Even you hate but it's true and not rude content, do not remove or delete contents. Otherwise, you will be blocked with the reason:Removing content from pages.

    Don't post fan made characters or episodes. Just like Rio wiki, Team Umizoomi wiki don't allow that too.

    If you are talking in Talk page, chat or Message wall, do not tell lies or mean words or spam, and also sexual contents.

    NO sexual content on this wiki:I haven't found someone is blocked by the reason inserting sexual content onto Team Umizoomi wiki, but since I have found on Rio wiki, I'm also give new warning and rule for Team Umizoomi wiki users. Happy that it didn't happened yet, but the bad user can come and post the s…

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  • ChameleonCove

    This petition will ensue that Team Umizoomi runs for a season longer. This show is too good to be cancelled!

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  • Bella kim

    Bot as Rudy the Cockatoo (Tritagonists)

    Geo as Muffin the Lovebird (Deuteragonists)

    Milli as Samuel the Lovebird (Protagonists)

    I think 3rd & Bird and Team Umizoomi are for kids, but I think they are bit connected with the Wonder Pets.

    Milli is a counterpart from Samuel lovebird.

    They have opposite gender younger sibling and their best friends. For Samuel, Muffin is his younger sister and Rudy is his best friend. For Milli, Geo is her younger brother and Bot is her best friend.

    They are both protagonists from the show.

    They have both confirmed age. Samuel is 5 years old, Milli is 6 years old.

    Bot shares some features from Rudy.

    They are both tritagonists from the show.

    They are best friend and opposite gender of the protagonists. Samuel and Rudy, Mi…

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  • Bigteddy

    Yesterday! I just found out from a crew member of the show that Team Umizoomi will not be renewed for a 5th season. The 4th Season currently airing will be it's last. She writes this in her Tumblr blog My staff hoodie came in the mail today!! Now I’m emotional and nostalgic…really miss my Umi Friends now! What a great 14 months spent working with wonderful people. I worked on season 4 in the “Visual Effects” department at Curious, unfortunately we were not renewed for a season 5. But hey I got a fun hoodie! On to the next one ;) Big announcement coming soon…

    Here's her blog if you don't believe me!

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  • Bella kim

    Report Vandalism

    April 17, 2014 by Bella kim

    If you found the vandalism or anything disgraces Team Umizoomi, report here. Admins, ChameleonCove and GoldenLatias6, or the founder, Iphoneorange can block her/him.

    If you see someone who destroying and damaging this wiki, go to Team Umizoomi Wiki:Report Vandalism.

    Little Miss cute, GoldenLatias6 and Iponeorange, you three have admin powers, if you found out that the wiki is damaged, you should revert edit or undo her/his edit and make a recovery to this wiki.

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  • Bella kim

    How to be Rank 1

    April 5, 2014 by Bella kim

    I'll give you a tip to be the first rank.

    Firstly, you'll have to contribute the wiki every day.

    That counter will reset what if you miss a day.

    So if you contribute to the wiki every day, the key will increse to get the award.

    Secondly, you have to be honest and polite.

    If you're being dishonest and rude, an admin or the founder can block you.

    Next, you have to be a hardworker.

    If you are disgracing Team Umizoomi and you are just greedy with the awards, you can be blocked and the time will be delayed.

    Also you have to obey those rules. Otherwize, you'll be blocked.

    Lastly, You can add more pictures to get the award.

    The pictures has to related with the Team Umizoomi.

    For example, you must not upload photo as about Dragon Village by Highbrow or Disne…

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  • Bella kim

    I do not want if the cat or a giraffe is a female.

    I don't want them to appear as girls/females.

    I prefer male than female.

    So that's why in fanon wiki, I change the cat or giraffe's gender into male.

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  • OfficialTheZuma


    February 16, 2014 by OfficialTheZuma

    Hello people.

    I'm am Hasbro1234.

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  • NonnyLea123

    Umi Cops!

    January 6, 2014 by NonnyLea123

    Here's the song.

    Geo: We got the badge.

    Bot: We got the

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  • ChameleonCove
    1. Are the chances of Team Umizoomi getting a season 5 very high or very low?
    2. What kind of episodes would you like to see in that season?
    3. Which characters would you like to have return in that season?
    4. How will season 4 end?
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  • Wiki Nonny


    December 10, 2013 by Wiki Nonny

    Just to say HI!!!! :-)  and thanks to whoever made this wiki i love team umizoomi:-) 

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  • GoldenLatias6

    Hello Umi-Friends! This December on the 10, we'll be starting "The Best Jam Contest." We want to know which Team Umizoomi song is the best jam. (Not Jam as in PB&J or traffic Jam) (A Jam is a song that is catchy and really popular)

    How Does It Work?

    First, on the front page, we'll post 4 polls for each of the 5 picked songs from each season. The deadline to vote is Febuary 14, 2014. (Valentine's Day/Just Because I Love You Day)

    Next, the winning songs from each poll will be in one poll on Febuary 15,. The deadline to vote is April 20, 2014. (Easter)

    Then, we will announce the Team Umizoomi Best Jam Winner on May 11, 2014. (Mother's Day)

    Final Note: We need you, Umi-Friends. To find out the best jam, we need your opinion.

    A few rules

    • You don't hav…
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  • GoldenLatias6

    Poll Update .1+

    November 30, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    Hello again, Umi-Friends. This poll update has a + in front. That means one of our polls has recieved 100 votes.

    The poll with 100 votes is one of the 3 polls about Milli.

    Here are the results:

    (Poll created: 4:27 PM March 16, 2013)

    What is your favorite thing about Milli?

    • Her dress: 47 votes
    • Her ponytails: 10 votes
    • She's the leader of the team: 12 votes
    • She's really sweet: 37 votes

    It seems almost 50% of the voters find that Milli's dress is their favorite thing about her. We of the Team Umizoomi Wikia appreciate you all voting on all the polls on this Wikia. Remember, if you want to vote on polls, go to the category called: Poll Page, and click on a page to vote. We advise that you do not edit the polls; some of the poll creators took a lot of th…

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  • GoldenLatias6

    I'm sure that most of you have seen Movie Madness. If you haven't, please do not read this. It will contain SPOILERS!

    Welcome to the Movie Madness Movies Review. As you know, Team Umizoomi (and the Trouble Makers) all went into movies. I bet some of you are wondering, "Hey what's with that?" Or, "Why did this happen?" Me, GoldenLatias6, being a movie expert will tell everything you need to know to understand what's going on.

    Let's start with the Airplane Movie. Ther are quite a few questions here. Why were they wearing those outfits and why were the planes all only fit three-maximum? Because it is an old movie. Back in old times, back when planes were being invented (made for the first time), they only had bi-planes. The pilots called them tha…

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  • Ribonucleicacid538

    Favorite Animal

    November 12, 2013 by Ribonucleicacid538

    What is your favorite animal?

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  • Ribonucleicacid538

    Best part of Milli

    November 12, 2013 by Ribonucleicacid538

    What is the best part of Milli's Mission?

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  • Ribonucleicacid538

    What are Milli's personalities (in your opinion)?

    Her big personality is to measure and build patterns.

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  • ChameleonCove


    October 26, 2013 by ChameleonCove

    I was researching then I found the backgrounds and prop designs for Team Umizoomi!untitled/zoom/cqwa/image1feg.

    Background #1: A futuristic hallway. This might take place in outer space where Team Umizoomi becomes space cadets (I'm looking foward to that episode!) or it may be the TroubleMakers' lair. UPDATE: The Futurisic Hallway is from "Team Umizoomi VS The Shape Bandit".

    Background #2: An underwater base. It may be the aformentioned lair of the TroubleMakers. UPDATE: The Underwater Base is from "Movie Madness".

    Background #3 & #4: A lighthouse and a beach. Once again it may be the "TroubleMaker's Lair" episode.

    Background #5 & #6: A tree tunnel and…

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  • Elizabeth georgeos

    Hi, Chaodeknoi!

    October 7, 2013 by Elizabeth georgeos


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  • Elizabeth georgeos

    I'm Not Blocked Anymore

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  • GoldenLatias6

    Team Umizoomi, as we know, can do anything with their Mighty Math Powers. They have done many great things that make them superheroes. A small list of what they did. So far, they:

    • Saved "The Butterfly Dance Show"
    • Won "The Race Around Umi City"
    • Rescued The King of Numbers
    • Stopped the Shape Bandit from stealing all the shapes in Umi City
    • Saved Umi City from becoming Meatball City
    • Milli even rescued Geo and Bot

    But in The Umi Grand Prix, their skills are put to the ultimate test.

    One day, Shark Car and Umi Car decide to have a friendly one-on-one car race. But before Milli could say "GO!" The Shape Bandit, Dump Truck, The Trouble-Makers, and someone else, who I can't figure out, just join the race. This turns this race into the ultimate test: The Umi…

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  • VeggieFan2000

    An Official Veggie Fan

    September 22, 2013 by VeggieFan2000

    I like Milli and Geo a lot because they're two of my favorite character fandoms.

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  • GoldenLatias6

    Poll Update .2

    August 23, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    Hey, everyone! It has been a whole year since a poll was made on Stompasaurus. These are the results:

    Question: Geo fed the big sharks their favorite snacks to lure them away long enough to get the Stomping Feet. If you were one of the big sharks,  which snack or snack combo would you like Geo to feed you?

    Banana: 2 votes

    Spaghetti: 4 votes

    Hot Dog: 2 votes

    Banana & Hot Dog: 1 votes

    Hot Dog & Spaghetti: 2 votes

    Spaghetti & Banana: 9 votes

    All: 6 votes

    None: 3 votes

    The poll recieved a total of 29 votes with most people wanting Spaghetti and Bananas. The number of votes aren't what I was expecting. Please look everywhere on our Wikia to find polls, or go to the Category Poll Page to find more polls. Hope we'll see you around the Wikia!

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  • GoldenLatias6

    Poll Update

    August 20, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    On August 17, 2012, I've created a poll on the Characters category page. These are the results so far.

    Who's your favorite member of Team Umizoomi?

    Out of 38 people:

    • Umi Car: 4 votes

    Bot: 5 votes

    Geo: 8 votes

    Milli: 21 votes From these results, Milli is the favorite member of Team Umizoomi.

    That's this poll's results. Any other polls that get 100 votes or was around for at least a year will have its results posted here. Thank you for contributing as always! And remember to make your opinion heard by voting on our Wikia.

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  • GoldenLatias6


    August 4, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    Everyone, I need to say something. I would appreciate it if you could all not edit any of the polls on the Wikia. I personally made all of those polls myself, with the exception of the one on The Milk Out. We all appreciate it if you could just vote on your opinion. Don't worry if you think your opinion's embarassing; nobody will know not even Little Miss Cute and me. Only Little Miss Cute and I have the privillege to edit polls only when nessessary. Look at our categorie Poll Page, and check back at my blog to see the results of polls that have been on the Wikia for a year. Golden Latias 6 02:50, August 4, 2013 (UTC)GoldenLatias6

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  • ChameleonCove

    For episode ideas, go here .

    The first three episodes of Season 4 were the only episodes that had a formidable villain, or villainas these are The TroubleMakers. They make trouble by using thier Trouble Rays. I would like to hear your opinion on the TroubleMakers.

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  • ChameleonCove

    I'm just gonna ask one simple question. What episodes would you like to see in Team Umizoomi (besides GoldenLatias6's and my suggestions)?

    WARNING: Do NOT edit the polls!

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  • Grabbergirl

    King of Numbers

    October 10, 2011 by Grabbergirl

    He's hot!!! I saw numberland yesterday. When they showed the king I couldn't stop looking at him. He's hot!! Seriously, he's like one of the ozone guys crowned. He's too young to be king, but, still I think he's hot!!

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